House Extension East Kilbride

property guardianshipGenerally when people need space a lot of homeowners tend to just sell their home and move on to the next. This thought does sound appealing to a lot of homeowners in East Kilbride however, you have to consider the fact that there will be another huge mortgage that you need to pay for the new house. There is then the inevitable problem of selling your property before you buy another one, not to mention all of the hidden fees and charges that have a habit of mounting up.

Instead of having to take out another mortgage, leaving the area that you are used to, trying to sell your home or dealing with the logistical headache of packing everything up, you can build a house extension.

Building a house extension has a number of advantages over simply moving home. These include:

  • It limits your involvement in a volatile and unpredictable housing market
  • You can avoid getting involved in negotiating a new mortgage
  • It avoids the inconvenience of having to pay away your entire life for the duration of the move
  • It gives you the flexibility to extend outwards, upwards or even downwards
  • The new space is completely tailored to suit your needs whether your needs are to build bigger rooms or just add more rooms to your home


Whatever type of house extension it is that you decide on, we can help.

We are building contractors who have been taking on house extensions in East Kilbride for several years now. With tradesmen employed with us from every trade, we can take care of your entire house extension from start to finish.

With our experience we can offer our customers peace of mind that the work we do will be of the highest possible standard. So you can be assured of our best attention from the very moment that you discuss your requirements through to the planning, construction and the final inspection.

The cost of a house extension can vary depending on the scale of the work required however, we will be happy to come out to your home in East Kilbride to give you a competitive free quote before any work is started.

To arrange for our builders to come out to your home to discuss a house extension with you simply give us a call on 01355 550 045.